ORI Seminar: Meat Eating and Ethics Courses - Shared screen with speaker view
Katja Guenther
I teach an upper-division course on Feminist Animal Studies. I do not collect data about the students' changing attitudes, but about 85% of those students who are not vegan when they enroll become vegan during the course. I think the students who make this change find the feminist perspectives we read about the interconnectedness of violence against women and people of color with violence against animals very compelling. They become vegans less because of the ethics of meat eating alone, and more because of the connections they see between meat eating and other systems of inequality. I also think the presence of vegan students in the class helps normalize veganism and create a sense of pride in veganism for the students, also.
Kian Mintz-Woo
For those curious about the materials:
Kian Mintz-Woo
Students in the meat ethics condition were required to read James Rachels' article “The Basic Argument for Vegetarianism” (Rachels, 2004), an introductory-level ten-page philosophy article arguing that it is unethical to eat meat. Students were also encouraged to view on their own outside of class an optional eleven-minute vegetarianism advocacy video “What Came Before” (http://whatcamebefore.com).
Kian Mintz-Woo
Students in the ethics of charity condition were required to read Peter Singer's article “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” (Singer, 1999/2007), a six-page opinion article that had originally appeared in the New York Times Magazine. In this article, Singer argues that it is unethical to spend hundreds of dollars on luxuries instead of giving that money to an effective charity that could save the life of someone in poverty. Students were also encouraged to view on their own outside of class an optional nineteen-minute video advocating donation to hunger-relief initiatives, “Ending Hunger Now” (https://www.ted.com/talks/josette_sheeran_ending_hunger_now).
Mark Carpenter
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